The Weekend

This has been a long week.

Training drained me. I am definitely ready to have some downtime this weekend, catch up on work, reading, senior design and sleep in a little bit (& train some more).

A little overview of this past week’s training:
In order to balance training with school work and classes this past week, I had to divide my workouts into 3 parts: a morning swim between classes, an afternoon run, and a late night swim. I could barely drive home by the end of the day… Running 5 miles a day and swimming >3,000 yards was definitely not happening  (I knew I was being a little too ambitious when I first made the training plan). So I changed my plan a bit: I ran 3 miles each day at a 9:20-9:00 pace. That was definitely more reasonable for me (& my current fitness level). I will at some point increase it to 5mi, but this was just not the week to do that.

Training for the weekend:
With one month left in the semester, I need to dedicate a lot of my time (read: 100%) to school. On that note, I will also have to keep up with my training plan – weekends, are the best time to catch up on school work and get ahead, if I can.

I still have to train on weekends:from now on, one word will define my weekends:
e n d u r a n c e 

Friday: rest day!
Saturday: 13.6mi long run with my running club, The Kenyan Way (+ core workout)
Sunday: 5,000y long swim (+ core workout)

I hope you all have amazing weekend training plans as well.
Bon Weekend!



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